Funny Hound's Newest Jokes...

The elephant's memory (rating: 3.09)
The cat's diary (rating: 3.49)
The Apple iBoob (rating: 3.36)
Gas prices (rating: 3.33)
Always late??? (rating: 3.50)
Breakfast at the White House (rating: 3.89)
Bubba's new truck (rating: 4.00)
The wisdom of Larry the Cable Guy ... (rating: 4.30)
Italian math test (rating: 3.72)
Costello buys a computer from Abbott (rating: 3.79)
Lawyer and the blonde (rating: 4.32)
Triplets (rating: 3.75)
Adam and Eve (rating: 3.36)
Gas attack (rating: 4.04)
It's hereditary (rating: 3.67)
Thud! (rating: 4.50)
Are you from Ireland? (rating: 4.00)
Deaf newlyweds (rating: 4.11)
It's my job (rating: 4.33)
Turner Brown (rating: 4.56)
Blonde mail call (rating: 4.14)
Halloween costume party (rating: 4.15)
Change your course (rating: 4.57)
Bathroom mirror (rating: 4.18)
Nicknames (rating: 4.00)
Religious boy (rating: 4.63)
CIA job interview (rating: 4.28)
Damn dishes (rating: 4.25)
Still up in bed (rating: 4.00)
No one will know (rating: 4.33)



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