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The wisdom of Larry the Cable Guy ... (rating: 4.26)
Adam and Eve (rating: 3.23)
Nowhere, Vermont (rating: 4.60)
Consumer instructions (rating: 4.67)
Drives them wild (rating: 2.00)
Four potatoes (rating: 3.00)
Pedestrians (rating: 3.00)
Goodbye Letter (rating: 4.40)
Good health (rating: 2.67)
Alone in the forest (rating: 3.00)
Back seat (rating: 4.00)
Great quotes 1 (rating: 4.33)
Great quotes 2 (rating: 4.67)
Letter to Dear Abby (rating: 3.50)
Top 10 ways to tell a man they're unzipped (rating: 4.33)



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